The Autonomous Womyn's Front "Rise up, raise hell!"

Welcome to The Autonomous Womyn's Front!

R!ot grrls, trash kids, punks, rebels and smashers of the statethis is the place for YOU!

The Autonomous Womyn's Front is an anarcha-Feminist and self-preservationist organization composed of former FEMEN activists, third positionists and other womyn of color from Black power, brown power, yellow peril and indigenous resistance groups.


Our Politics

Our politics are an intersectional combination of anarchism, socialism, and feminism. The point of which these intersect is solidarity. Expressing strenth through unity against oppressive colonial institutions like male domination, religious puritanism and white supremacy. You can view our platform in depth here.  [ ! NSFW/Not Safe For Work ! ]


Our Plans

We don't exist to struggle for what we believe is the ridiculous idea if assimilation, (or the more popular term) "equality" of which would be granted to us by our oppressors. "Equal treatment" as would be interpreted by them. The Autonomous Womyn's Front is a liberation initiative for womyn and femmes of color.